hey! i'm mason wang 😁


i want to share my work, my thoughts, my art - me - with you here. i'm 19 and i love creating things (especially out of code).

current focus

AI alignment

  1. i think this is the most important problem to work on. for now this looks like a) exploring mech interp & W2SG research directions, b) talking to people in the space, and c) figuring out the rest.
  2. i'm building alignment.guide to help others navigate the space.
  3. just submitted Model Mapping: Decompiling Transformers into Python Programs to ICML.

(p.s. i'm not a doomer i promise)


  • NLP research @ Stanford's Open Virtual Assistant Lab
    • built Noora, a platform to help people with autism improve social conversation
    • first high-schooler to present to Stanford NLP Group
    • guest speaker at CS 372: AI for Precision Medicine & Psychiatric Disorders
  • cofounder @ Hazel
    • deferred freshman year to build Siri for realtors
    • raised seed round at 17 (backed by Pear VC and others)